A Public Program Graciously Assisted by Hotel Santa Fe, a Picuris Pueblo Enterprise
Offered to Honor and Acknowledge the work of The Archaeological Conservancy
Monday nights at 6pm at Hotel Santa Fe

March 19 Dr. Jeffrey Long
Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, University of New Mexico Author, ‘The Double Edged Helix: Social Implications of Genetics in a Diverse Society’, in New England Journal of Medicine; ‘Race in Genetics and Health’ in Encyclopedia of Race
and Racism (J. Moor, ed.); ‘Admixture’, in chapter on Environment, Origins, and Population, Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 3 (D. Ubelaker, ed.)
Our Genetic Stratigraphy: The Historical Record in Our Genomes

March 26 Dr. Stephen H. Lekson
Curator of Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and Archaeologist
Author, A History of the Ancient Southwest; The Chaco Meridian: Centers of Political Power in the AncientSouthwest; Contributor, Canyon Spirits: Beauty and Power in the Ancestral Puebloan World; Co-Author, Chaco Canyon: A Center and Its World; Editor,The Archaeology of Chaco Canyon:An 11th C. Pueblo Regional Center.
We Get the Southwest We Deserve

April 2 Dr. Charles E. Adams
Professor, School of Anthropology and Curator, Arizona State Museum,
University of Arizona and Archaeologist
Author, The Origin and Development of the Pueblo Katsina Cult; Chevelon: Pueblo at Blue Running Water (in
press); Historic Hopi Ceramics, 1690-Present (in press); ‘Prehispanic Hopi Yellow Ware: An Overview’,
in The Kiva.
Hopi Katsinas: Past and Present

April 9 Dr. Margaret Bruchac
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Coordinator of Native American and Indigenous Studies, University of Connecticut at Avery PointFord Fellow and Katrin H. Lamon Scholar in Residence (2011-2012),School for Advanced Research on the Human Experience Co-Author (with F. Apffel-Marglin), Exorcising Anthropology’s Demons.
Consorting With Savages: Indigenous Informants and American Anthropologists

April 16 Winston Hurst
Independent Archaeologist and Director, Comb Ridge Heritage Initiative Project, Blanding, Utah; Co-Author (with J. Till), ‘Mesa Verdean Sacred Landscapes’,in The Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Ancestral Pueblo Archaeology (D.G. Noble, ed.)
Finding Deep History at Comb Ridge

April 23 Alan Ferg
Curator, Special Projects Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona Author, ‘An Introduction to Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Pottery’ (in The Arizona Archaeologist);‘Traditional Western Apache Mescal Gathering as Recorded by Historical Photographs and Museum Collections’,in Desert Plants; Co-Author (w/ V. & H. Wayland), Playing Cards of the Apaches: A Study in Cultural Adaptation.
Chiricahua and Western Apache Playing Cards of the 19th Century

April 30 Adriel Heisey
Aerial Photographer, Pilot, and Author, In the Fifth World: Portrait of the Navajo Nation;
Under the Sun: A Sonoran Desert Odyssey; From Above, Images of a Storied Land.
The Rio Grande from El Paso to the Gulf of Mexico

May 7 Jonathan Till
Archeologist, Abajo Archaeology, Bluff, Utah Co-Author (with W. Hurst), ‘Mesa Verdean Sacred Landscapes’,
in The Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Ancestral Pueblo Archaeology (D.G. Noble, ed.)
And the Kitchen Sink, Too! The (Almost) Complete Excavation of a Pueblo II (c. 1050 AD) Household on White Mesa in San Juan County, Utah

May 14 Dr. Joseph Traugott
Curator, 20th Century Art, New Mexico Museum of Art
and Author, Gustave Baumann’s Southwest; Pueblo Architecture and Modern Adobes: The Residential Designs
of William Lumpkins; The Art of New Mexico: How the West is One; Sole Mates: Cowboy Boots and Art.
14,000 Years of New Mexico History in Art

May 21 Dr. Don D. and Dr. Catherine S. Fowler
Professors Emeriti of Anthropology, University of Nevada-Reno; Co-Editors, The Great Basin: People and Place
in Ancient Times (Winner New Mexico Book Award, 2009; Catherine: Member, National Academy of Sciences
and American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Don: Co-Editor (w/L. Cordell), Southwest Archaeology in the
20th C.; Past President, Society for American Archaeology; and Author, The Glen Canyon Country: A Personal Memoir
Exploring the Glen Canyon Country and Beyond, 1776-1962

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