Monday nights at 6pm at Hotel Santa Fe
A Public Program Graciously Assisted by Hotel Santa Fe, a Picuris Pueblo Enterprise

August 15 Dr. Clay Mathers, Ph.D, R.P.A., GISP
Archaeologist, Historian, and Executive Director, The Coronado Institute and Co-Editor(with Jeffrey M. Mitchem and Charles M. Haecker) Native and Imperial Transformations: 16th c. Entradas in the American Southwest and Southeast.
Initial Encounters, Deep Time: An Archaeological and Historic Context for theVazquez de Coronado Entrada, l539-1542 AD

August 22 Dr. Suzan Shown Harjo (S. Cheyenne/Hodulgee Muscogee)
Founding Trustee, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian; Founder and President,The Morning Star Institute, Washington, D.C. Poet, Activist, Legislative Analyst, and Author, The Ancient Cheyenne; Guest Curator & Editor,
NMAIExhibit (upcoming) Treaties: Great Nations in Their Own Words; Former Executive Director,National Congress of American Indians
Sacred Places and the Nature of Their Sacredness

August 29 Dr. Donna M. Glowacki, R.P.A.
Archaeologist and John Cardinal O’Hara, CSC Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana Lister Fellow, Crow Canyon Archaeology Center; Co-Editor (with Hector Neff), Ceramic Production
and Circulation in the Greater Southwest: Source Determination by INAA and Complementary
Mineralogical Investigations; Dissertation title: ‘Placing Emigrations in Social Context: Intraregional Interaction in
the Northern San Juan Region During 13th c.
Getting at Social Reasons for the Mesa Verde Migrations: Religion & Change

September 5 Hampton Sides
Historian and journalist; past nominee, National Magazine Awards; Author, Americana: Dispatches from
the New Frontier; Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West (named one of Time Magazine’s Ten Best Books, 2006); Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of WW II’s Most Dramatic Mission; and Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin.
Roads to Memphis: The Paths of James Earl Ray and Martin Luther King, Jr.

September 12 Dr. Payson Sheets
Professor of Anthropology and Archaeologist, University of Colorado
Co-Author (with Jeffrey Quilter), The Ceren Site: An Ancient Village Buried by Volcanic Ash in Central
America;Archaeology and Volcanism in Central America: The Zapotian Valley of El Salvador
(Texas Pan American Series); and (with Frederick W. Lange), The Archaeology of Nicaragua; and
(with Donald K. Grayson), Volcanic Activity and Human Ecology.
Living With Spirits of Their Ancestors in Ancient Costa Rica: Nature of a Mayan Religious Conversion

September 19 Dr. Lloyd Lee (Dine’)
Visiting Assistant Professor, Native American Studies, University of New Mexico; and Author,
(in American Antiquity; Author, (both in Wicazo Sa Review;), ‘Reclaiming Indigenous Intellectual,
Political, and Geographic Space: A Path for Navajo Nationhood’; The Future of Navajo Nationalism, and
‘Navajo Cultural Identity: What can the Navajo Nation Bring to the Native American Identity Discussion
Table?’; Book Review Editor, American Indian Quarterly
Fundamental Laws of the Dine (Navajo) and Traditions of Leadership

September 26 Dr. Sarah Herr
Archaeologist, Desert Archaeology, Inc., Tucson, AZ. Frontier; Co-editor (with Lisa Young), Foundations of Southwestern Communities; and Author,Beyond Chaco: Great Kiva Communities on the Mogollon Rim
Pre-Reservation Apache in Central Arizona

October 3 Dr. Jennifer Dunne
Professor, Santa Fe Institute, Co-Director Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab,
Berkeley, California; Recipient, National Science Foundation Fellowship in Biological Informatics; and
Co-Author, (with Andreaa Belgrano and Ursula M. Sharler), Aquatic Food Webs: An Ecosystem Approach.
Archaeology & Ecology: No.Pacific Aleuts & Their Trophic Roles in Marine Ecosystems

$80 for the series of 8 lectures…or $12 at the Door

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