May 24 Cordelia ‘Dedie’ Snow
Historical Archaeologist, ARMS (Archaeological Research Management System)
New Mexico Historic Preservation Division, Office of Cultural Affairs
Matchlocks, Muskets, and a Headdress of Pearls: More Luxury Goods Transported on the Camino Real

May 31 Dr. Tara Plewa, GISP
Columbia, South Carolina
Revelations of the River: New Findings and Conclusions on Santa Fe River History

June 7 Dr. Louis Ray Sadler
Professor Emeritus of History, New Mexico State University and Author,
The Archaeologist Was a Spy: Sylvanus Morley and the Office of Naval Intelligence; The Secret War in El Paso: Mexican Revolutionary Intrigue, 1906-1920; The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920;
Border and the Revolution: Clandestine Activities of the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920; The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,1848: Papers of the Sesquicentennial Symposium, 1848-1998
Sylvanus Morley (Archaeologist and Spy) in Santa Fe

June 14 David Grant Noble
Author, Editor, Fine Art Photographer The Mesa Verde World: Explorations in Ancestral Pueblo Archaeology; Ancient Ruins of the Southwest:Archaeological Guide; In Search of Chaco: New Perspectives on an Archaeological Enigma;
Santa Fe: Histoty of an Ancient City; In the Places of the Spirits
Teenage Diarists on the Santa Fe Trail: Susan Shelby Magoffin & Lewis Garrard

June 21 Jeff Hengesbaugh
Fur Trapper and Mountain Man
The Fur Trade and Mountain Men of the Rocky Mountain West

June 28 Dr. Adrian Bustamante
Historian and Professor of History (ret.), Ft. Lewis College and Author,‘Espanoles, Castasm y Labradores: Santa Fe Society in the 18th Century’,(Chapter in David Grant Noble, Ed. Santa Fe: History of an Ancient City)
The Storm Before the Calm: Anxiety in Santa Fe Over General Kearney’s Approach

July 5 Dr. John L. Kessell
Professor Emeritus of History, University of New Mexico;
Author, Kiva, Cross, and Crown: The Pecos Indians and New Mexico, 1540-1840; Spain in the Southwest: A Narrative History of Colonial New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California;Pueblos and Spaniards in the Kingdom of New Mexico;
Editor, Remote Beyond Compare: Letters of Don Diego de Vargas to His Family from New Spain and
Mexico, 1675-1706; Co-Editor, with Rick Hendricks, Meredith D. Dodge, and Larry D. Miller, A Settling of Accounts: The Journals of Don Diego de Vargas, l700-1704; Co-editor, (with Hendricks and Hodge): That Disturbances Cease: The Journals of Don Diego de Vargas, 1697-1700; Blood on the Boulders: The Journals of Don Diego de Vargas, 1694-1697; and To The Royal Crown Restored: The Journals of Don Diegode Vargas, 1692-94
A Long Time Coming: The 17th Century Pueblo-Spanish War

July 12 Dr. Richard and Shirley Cushing Flint
Historians, Spanish Paleographers and Research Associates in History,Center for Desert Archaeology, Tucson, Arizona and
Authors: The Coronado Expedition: From the Distance of 460 Years; Documents of the Coronado Expedition,
1539-1542: “They Were Not Familiar With His Majesty Nor Did They Wish to Be
His Subjects”; The Coronado Expedition to Tierra Nueva: The 1540-1542 Route Across the Southwest; No Conquest No Settlement: A History of the Coronado Entrada
Surprise in the Coronado Archive: Guido de Lavezariis, Genoese Merchant-Banker & More!

July19 Malcolm Ebright, J.D.
Historian, Lawyer, and Author, Land Grants and Lawsuits in Northern New Mexico; Spanish and Mexican Land Grants and the Law
A City Different Than We Thought: Land Grants in Early Santa Fe

July 26 David Snow
Historian and Archaeologist; former Curator, Palace of the Governors, New Mexico History Museum;
And Editor, The Native American and Spanish Colonial Experience in the Greater Southwest, Vol. Vol. II and I
Down at the Shell-bead Water

Aug 2 Dr. Michael Brescia
Associate Curator of Ethno history, Arizona State Museum Associate Professor of History, Department of History, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona And Co-Author, (with W. Dirk Raat), Mexico and the United States: Ambivalent Vistas
Spanish Water Rights and Bounty of the Common Lands: Change, Continuity & Clashing Legal Regimes
in New Mexico History

Aug 9 Dr. Paul Zolbrod
Professor of English Literature, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas and Dine College-Crownpoint
Professor Emeritus of English Literature, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania,Research Associate, Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Author, Dine Behane: The Navajo Creation Story; Sacred Texts;Reading the Voice: Native American Oral Poetry on the Page;Weaving a World: Textiles and the Navajo Way of Seeing
Intersection of Myth and the Recorded Past in Navajo History

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