A Special Public Lecture by Dr. Eske Willerslev

Evolutionary Biologist and Professor, Natural History and Zoological Museum of Denmark Director, Centre for Ancient Genetics; Professor, Department of Biology and Institute of Biology/Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Did Mammoths & Mastodons survive the last Ice Age and if so, how long and where?
Did Siberian peoples migrate across the Arctic to Greenland 5,000 years ago?
Were Paleo-Indians at Paisley Caves in south Oregon 14,000 years ago?
What can DNA tell us of an ancient Greenlander’s 4,000 yr. old tuft of hair?
What was ancient man’s clothing like? Where are ancient migration routes located?
What are the earliest known human sites in the Americas?

Recent discoveries, scientific advances, DNA genetics and studies in many other fields of science, have shed light on a wide range of important research topics. Dr. Willerslev’s lecture will draw upon recent findings regarding some of these and other questions challenging scholars doing important research. Dr. Willerslev is an internationally renowned biogenetic scientist who, along with an important collaborative team of researchers and colleagues from across the globe, has contributed much recent advanced learning on many exciting paleo-anthropological, biological flora/fauna about our understanding of ancient history and environment of the Americas and the world.


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Panel Benefits the Archaeological Conservancy
Lecture Benefit for Centre for Ancient Genetics, University of Copenhagen

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