Led by Dr. Jay Shapiro, archaeologist, and author, Before Santa Fe, Archaeology of the City Different, we visit Arroyo Hondo Pueblo which transformed from a 100-room hamlet to a 1,000 room Pueblo boomtown. Five legendary archaeology field seasons in the 1970’s were supported by the National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, and School for Advanced Research, led by Dr. Doug Schwartz, SAR President. Research focused on the pueblo’s origin, rapid growth, lifeways, pathology, spirituality, severe climate change, and regional violence. After 125 years these forces were intertwined in its demise. Emergence of a new architectural style also characterized the pueblo and helped set in motion the rise of a Classic Rio Grande ‘space syntax’ pattern. During the 1200’s the northern Rio Grande valley contained a large number of small pueblos and climate was favorable for farming in mostly peaceful times. Around 1295 the pattern of these settlements, built with little concern for deo residents vulnerable to attack. Eventually such raids because unendurable and the region became a dangerous place to live. Safer fortified settlements were built and created abrupt and rapid change at Arroyo Hondo Pueblo. $150 pp.  Includes Study Leader honoraria, fees, services and donation to The Archaeological Conservancy.

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