Pueblo Native Ceremonialism (Eastern Keres) And Santo Domingo Feast Day With Dr. Joesph Suina, (Cochiti) Study Leader and Alan Osborne, Cultural Historian
Saturday, August 4, 8:30 am -6:00 pm
Join Southwest Seminars and Dr. Joe Suina, former Governor of Cochiti Pueblo and Professor of Education (ret.), for the renowned Santo Domingo Feast Day, an annual ceremonial held in one of New Mexico’s most colorful Pueblos on the Rio Grande.

We will gather at Dr. Suina’s home in Cochiti Pueblo for an informative cultural education presentation on the ceremonialism of Pueblo dances and Saint’s day feast celebrations in theEastern Keres villages of Cochiti and Santo Domingo. Dr. Suina will share with us aspects of culture, history, spiritual underpinnings, and ritual observances which are tied to the rhythms of nature in the native world of the Eastern Keres Pueblos. He will also share information on the important Keres language preservation project for which this study tour is organized to support.


Following our cultural orientation we will drive to the village of Santo Domingo for the occasion and spend the balance of the day watching the dances and ceremonial activities. Tuition of $90 includes Study Leader honorarium, transportation, meal, and donation to the Keres Language Project in which Dr. Suina is involved.


Supervolcanoes of the San Juan: Majestic Mountains, Mineral Springs, & Mining Towns of Southern Colorado With Dr. Kirt Kempter, Geologist and Volcano Specialist
September 5-8, 2012 SOLD OUT
Eighteen giant calderas, or “supervolcanoes”, erupted in southwestern Colorado between 30-25 million years ago, forming much of the modern San Juan Mountains. These eruptions left craters several miles in diameter, including the largest known eruption in Earth’s known history, the La Garita Caldera, erupting 5,000 cubic kilometers of magma about 28 million years ago.

Join Southwest Seminars and Dr. Kirt Kempter for a 4-day geologic exploration of the Creede and Lake City and Pagosa Springs, region of Southern Colorado, where four of the massive supervolcanoes eruptions occurred. Enroute from Santa Fe we will discuss the geologic history of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, traveling north through Taos and west across the majestic San Luis Basin.

Appreciate the area’s fascinating human history, including early hunter/gatherers, later Ancestral Puebloans, Utes, Spanish explorers, legendary Mountain men, intrepid pioneers, tenacious miners, American soldiers and hardy settlers, all of whom managed to leave an indelible presence in the lands through which we travel.

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